Inkspill No. 20: Rain on Dry Dust

Rain on dry dust. I remember walking barefooted down a dirt road as a kid in Arkansas, watching those first few drops strike the ground before me. The dust became blotched with dark blobs of wetness, and as more sprinkled down, my nostrils filled with the incredible rich smell of the earth beginning to drink.

That smell only lasts for a short while. It fades when the ground becomes fully saturated. I always think back to that moment in Arkansas whenever I think of the Living Water. That smell — draught giving way to moisture, weariness washed away in the refreshing, death swallowed up in life — that is the scent of Jesus Christ. The scent of grace is the scent the ground releases when rain begins to fall on dry dust.

Do we grow weary of faded adages such as “Jesus is the answer”? We shouldn’t. Jesus is always the answer. Those who are “searching for themselves” often speak of an emptiness inside — it’s in books, in songs, in art. It’s a chasm we become suddenly aware of whenever we run out of the episodes of our favorite TV show, or when the party’s over and all the guests leave; when we return home from wandering; when our latest fling, whatever it might be, comes to an end. Whenever the things we give our time and affection to are spent, we find the emptiness is there waiting for us right where we left it. And our hearts dry further into the desolation of draught.

“I am the way, the truth, and the life.” (John 14:6) The life. Just as He is the only Way into God’s kingdom and the only Truth that sets us free, He is also the only Life that can overcome the deadness of our lives. The reason that the emptiness inside is so insatiable is because it is infinite. Only God can fill it because God is infinitely large. It’s time we all recognized that we cannot survive without Him. We don’t expect our bodies to survive without water. Why do we expect our spirits to survive without Jesus?



Photo courtesy of Geetanjal Khanna for

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